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spects satisfactory," and then proceeds to accept the
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tion of the right ear. In consequence of this illness
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1. The period of incubation is alike in R. mephitica and canina,
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toms of toxicity as shown clinically and by study of the blood
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pital. A dark rough-surfaced tumor was found on the anterior
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few muscles, the loss of substance is rendered striking by the normal size of
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has fever, the tongue is coated, and there is considerable constitutional
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and the manufactories deported into the suburbs most of the
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pay a passing tribute to the exemplary, devoted, genial, beloved
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be, and undoubtedly is, necessary in what may be denomi-
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ested in throat work to examine him at the present time. He pre-
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were consuming a large amount of food. By these means we can
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for his review of and advice on the preparation of this
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Sugg inaugurated an elaborate series of experiments and were able to show
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Koch, Babes, and others. It was studied more especially by Pas-
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winter, by the necessity of employing artificial heat in a close apart-
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for February, "^ 1909 (Vol. CXXVII., No. 446, Third
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about one inch distant from the uterus. The opening through these
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tal animals, both by ingestion and inocula- saying that if we know the source of con-
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to be detected by a microscope adapted for the purpose by M. Bourguig-
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or put out his tongue when desired. His countenance is at once
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of tolerance may have been set up as in the administration of tartar
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itching — not of the prepuce, but of the perineum ; he had a
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being desirous of changing his business, offers his stand on such favorable terms as to give a very fine
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the century, when a movement for improvement began.

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