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him until he saw his limb drop from the stirrup, and found himself unable
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age, one of established strength and power of endurance. Both extremes, it would
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frequent attacks of plethora. In this case no treatment
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minimum of 60 credits past their Bachelor's degree. They choose an area of concentration from
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first proposed. The commission estimated, as the result of ten
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replaceable, in the right groin, which has kept on growing to its
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left arm and leg, and on the following morning was quite rational.
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lateral sinus had previously led to pyaemia and septic pneumonia.
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Uric Acid of Blood. In all of the investigations considered above,
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Resorcin in Summer Complaint. — Dr. Brooker writes to
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the philosopher-mystic, to whom we owe the term gas; acid and
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filthy stables, and also by a bruise or injure of any kind.
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Here it is obvious that no air could enter the air vesicles
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tetanic convulsions and loss of consciousness, and the respiration increased
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those of you who are amongst our comparatively younger Fellows,
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and tide them safely over the periods of puberty and adolescence."
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article. Reprints in quantities of 100 to 50,000 may be ordered from
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The limbs are well nourished, although the muscles are Avasted and
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that it is not, and Camus and (iley have found that
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osteophj'tes had not been broken. The average duration of after
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a culture ground in which such ptomaines are rapidly developed.
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promised to be a brilliant and useful career. Dr. Barbour's learning
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A prolonged warm bath at bedtime containing sulphate of potassium
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on the highest of standards and where he constantly urged each member of
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thereby morally forfeit that protection of their own families, which is
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to give the above notice, and being of an obliging turn of
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recently occurred in Cincinnatti and Ann Arbor impossible ;
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probably near the great mountain of Tzumerka, one of
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There were but four cases of congestive ievQ?, none of which
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which prescribes the most careful precautions. Dr. R. F. Leith, who has
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was a very large proportion of the poorer children ot
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lumbar, left iliac, the umbilical and hypogastric regions, so
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as depreciating either clinical medicine or pathological
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series of stitches. It has been urged against this method that the pressure
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narian and an assurance has been given that no conta-
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perature, according to my experience, is not modifiea. It may result differently
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large amount of instruction in surgical principles and practice, and
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When a tonic was employed, it consisted of sulphate of quinine, combined with
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hemorrhages into many organs, an otitis media and streptococcus septi-
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to which place from the cavity of the inteftines, feems
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more frequently than did Hadden, who only met with pure nodding in a

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