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Suicides and Other Crimes against the Person Due to
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we take it out. It is a foreign body and serves no purpose. When we
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followed, which are recorded as follows: in 814; in March,
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some water is boiled. The preparation is then placed
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tions, a long history of latent or frank malfunction,
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is caught at the first' lock, the second being used
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thorax. The patient had pain, which he located in the
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write that the treatment of the tuberculous patient
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Bingham, of Burlington, Vt. An excellent programme has
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tm^ers and requires only a few hours to accompli'^h
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trip around South America. He first stopped at an island
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sponding to an annual death rate of 13.4 in a thousand of
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demic the significance of nasopharyngitis is, there-
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patients to prolong life and make it more easy. Yet
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E. M. Alger; Reflexes dependent upon Nose and Throat
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chart). Bacteriological examination of urine negative.
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lumbar puncture at 3.30 2- after which irritability and
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cal diagnosis of the so called diseases of the blood
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Columbia University Bulletin of Information. College
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temperature still persists, in the absence of pulmon-
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test its efficacy, Ehrlich has given away over 20,000
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CInloai Rtports, Address ^ IVXC-#0 DMKKJ^. 62 Reado St., New Yerk
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its predecessors and will contintte their reputation.
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of aconite, belladonna, chloroform, and capsicum is
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perience of his progenitors during the vast periods
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with early departures promising little. They large-
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plains the frequency of their action in the develop-
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either of the next three following the effects were not so
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HoTCHKiss, S. C., Assistant Surgeon. Relieved from duty
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Medicine not grounded upon Philosophy is a weak thing)
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first hospital designed for the specific purpose of
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the former was facilitated by recognizing the initial
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The largest and most modern equipped Sanitarium, Hotel and Health
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of the present law provides that "upon the certifi-
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headache of the prodromal period, which is rather a
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ings and Eighteen Plates. Philadelphia and New York :
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in this city, and they told me the same old story. 1 ap-
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by the film described in my former paper {Nezc York
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