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person attacked by plague had died. Towards the end of every epi-

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haemal leucocytes are to be seen in it travelling at a slower rate than

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Louisville a short time since, in the capacity of commissioners for select-

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gives the " diazo reaction." The headache usually disappears during

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Etiology and Prophylaxis. — There is much to justify Oertel's asser-

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dilation of the neck of the uterus by a sponge-tent ; after confinements

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the false diagnosis of an epidemic pneumonia. In Hong-Kong pulmo-

detrola pee wee radio for sale

such as follows protracted disease ; and this continued as long as the

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and force of disciplinarians, and a knowledge of the physiological factors

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extensive inflammation, the glands commonly recover their normal

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channels along which the infection travels are the uterine lymphatics and

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an appropriate one. Other circumstances appear to enter into the

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and other ophthalmic surgeons must be consulted [vide References].

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transmitted from one place to another. It has therefore the characters

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solitary glands are enlarged and stand out prominently, and Peyer's

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experience in the treatment of erysipelas is insufficient.

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Croupous or Lobar Pneumonia. — It has now been clearly demon-

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coil current, which acts as a rapid succession of separate stimuli.

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Metschnikoff is also of the opinion that among the water vibrios

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often desirable ; it is made by steaming it in bottles for half an hour

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Cincinnati, the following clinical remarks, by Professor Parker, are

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special directions for plugging round the cervix in any given way. The

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that it came from the banks of the Ohio river, far back in America, in

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The thrombus may extend as far as the popliteal artery, and yet the

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Artificial Cultivation. — The media best suited for artificial cultivation

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records show the proportion of 1 in every 2.92 of the entire mortality of

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Sweden in a northerly direction. The outbreaks, which proved extremely

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