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the irrigation fluid shall at the moment of contact with the nerve tissues

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tion of the blood aided in the diagnosis. One was a

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balance, and he dies with diabetic coma. It is quite

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nuclears is not found as in typhoid fever. The examination of the eye

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in two, and on the twelfth day in one patient. In two patients

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Downey, of Gainesville, Ga., has thought out a device which involves

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other drugs also gives a brownish-red coloration with perchloride of iron.

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According to him, " a general withdrawal of nutrition, as well as

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of osteomalacia of ovarian, suprarenal, thyroid origin, etc., due to in-

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Nor are those of tender years the only sufferers from this

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however, had never seen a case of puerperal fever in which any

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months, respectively. Analysis of the urine for urea showed that they

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kidney trouble is very common. The anatomical fact to

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History. — ^My first acquaintance with the little plant was in

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be given with the gelsemium. Apocynum has been of serv-

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five to fifty milligrammes of serum from an immunized rabbit, were unaffected

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lowest level of poverty and despair, it takes great time and

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the value of this substance, I strongly advise the use of the ordinary

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impressive, instnietive and at tin; same tiin<; teiniierute

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the mitral orifice is closed partly by muscular action as

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wise without danger. They disappear of themselves, and may

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The technic of determining the water eliminated from the skin and

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as bile^ or mucus, or watery fluid, or blood. A dis-

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of this curability, it has been assumed that the peri-

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their gas burns, has proclaimed its formula, as now used, They now

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