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tirely prevented by change of the burial system. It

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the work will be successful with the English student as it has

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and hepatic flexures and a mass collected at the caecum. Abdomen

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is made the impress is at once lost as soon as the finger

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coaptation sutures, and interference with the circulation and vitality of

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A decided elevation of temperature, though it does not of course

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or breed is said to be thoroughbred, or purely bred.

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of cancer, presents herself with a nodule in the breast, would it

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gall bladder by a strong thick band 1 inch long and % inch wide.

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dosage should be gradually reduced and the patient carefully monitored in addition,

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localised caseous process in any part of the body, as, for example, in the

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engorgement of the external jugular veins existed, more especially on

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of purpose. Removal of the ovaries often did not arrest men-

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however, have been obliged to gp back and begin the

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man, lie in wait, and have done so from prehistoric times, for oppor-

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