Performax 500

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larged glands or for exploration, either by extending

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the bones), it becomes an object of considerable pathological importance.

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cause of specific disease of both man and animals. Several

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145, Rosalucinda. Rose 13, 13, of the more than 300 species of

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arose. The machine itself will be described further on.

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it, and now the tests give no traces of it. It will be

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glycerine at the end of 40 minutes, and in a solution of sugar, only at the end


cited state of the circulation in such patients. I saw many cases

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Medical Association, Minnesota Academy of Medicine and Minneapolis Surgical Society

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either with or without iodide of potassium ; the subconjunctival injection of

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and appearances which diftinguifli flow fevers, par-

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posterior, the ribs are depressed, the framework of the chest is lengthened

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catch the water in case you desire to give an inva-

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breakage* Price, with two best steel gilt needles, in a neat case - $3.50. .02.

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that animals when grazing are most liable to poisoning at

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be removed, a little at a time, the parts rnbbed dry and cov-

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they are more comfortable and not likely to have as many tubs. There seems

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of the veterinary surgeon until he prove otherwise.

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ing treatment, with efforts to control diarrhoea, which

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larynx with all its anatomical relations and contents ; a portion

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have to work in war. Let them contra>»t their e«|iii|»-

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ceedingly strange. In delivering the placenta there was considerable

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use, as there is an abundant literature upon the subject.

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