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to draw off the water frequently with a catheter unless it
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of quackery. But it is the spirit of such procedure with which the
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affection before a fluctuating area can be palpated. The exostosis
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First seen June 21, 1921, no signs of pregnancy — either subjective
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may be due to the dissemination of the causative parasite or its
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megaly were present. Lloyd * reports a case of tumor of hypophysis
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who has had an attack of acute articular rheumatism will be thereby
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was spent at the cart's tail. He was a bon vivant ;
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While we can accomplish much by our public health bulletin, news-
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of people a cou^h will irnmediaiL'Jy \Hi aniiwered by
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forms of suppurative peritonitis. There may be a large effu-
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muscles, or under any circumstances where it is not likely to
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The falciform ligament was also divided. With strong traction upon
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In 1875 Bottini, of Pavia, Italy, constructed the first galvano-
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times have been so successful in stamping out diseases of the lower ani-
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due to a too thorough removal of muscle sugar fails to establish
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Oi'er-feeding, of course, is to be avoided, as is also
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1. Respiratory. The onset is like that in other acute diseases. The
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show that soil infection is one of the means by which the
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the diaphysis and distinctly separated from the neighboring bone.
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scarlet fever 45, diarrheal diseases 35. fever 32, diphtheria 24,
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in fine condition for five days with a simple pan of ice. I
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cessful operations might have been performed. He advocated,
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suffering from severe shock, in whom internal hemorrhage
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the cells are spoken of as fenestrated. In other cases the axon
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to Hypertrophy of the Cervix Uteri. By Robert Barnes, M.I). — Dr. Barnes,
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rapidly into the chamber, and its point directed forwards the
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during coition. They sleep always on one side, with
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ferent results. This is very often the case, especially, in practice
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experiments on animals and clinical observations show that the pyogenic
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arcus senilis, but smaller in extent and reaching right
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changes in cases of three attacks or more than in those of one or two
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ceased, without taking the mixture ; leeches bled well ; urine
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his presence, would add comfort and courage to that afflicted home, sitting quietly
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best results. As will be seen from the cases detailed below, this
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hospital and ambulance corps, composed of men especially
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quantities of water; avoid stimulants until late in the attack, unless
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physician than to mutely await its consummation, and kindly
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muscle. It crossed the hyoid bone internal to the lesser cornu,
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water is not a usual medium of infection with oxyurides. An inter-
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application of sedatives will likewise produce palsy, as we find those
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cedent to the vascular changes, or whether the changes in the vessels and
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and the discharge was very slight, but the patient had contin-
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tlie salicylate. The salophen thus employed must be

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