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much larger in fact than has been heretofore analyzed

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Microscopic Anatomy. Its chief interest lies in its utility for

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value, for here, in simple and direct language, is discussed the

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Since the first description more than two decades ago, 1

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around us ; the telescope brings within our ken new reaches

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agent. He had seen injection of iodine followed in one case by a severe attack

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fourth stomach ceases to secrete gastric juice, its epithelium is

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-34904 Maschka, J. Sammlung gerichtsarztlicher Gutachten

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widened by the inclusion of cases not presenting the ordinary clinical

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ing of the tissues with hands, sponges, or instruments: the service portion of the

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disease of scarlet fever to become chronic ; the explanation of it I do

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in certain cases it disappears entirely for a short time. When the diseased action is abating,

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your fingers one hour, and a cure will be the result.

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glanders for a whole year, and, according to circumstances, still

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Nor has catarrhal pneumonia received its proper share of attention in later times.

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spring so evidently from the facts previously recorded. No explanation of the fact is to be

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becaase he repeatedly expressed a desire to have his bowels

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out tbe previous assent of the victim of intemperance.

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follows forced expiration (Rokitansky ) . In 1845 Fuchs pointed

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are spoken of as (i) Annuals, (2) Biennials and (3j Peren-

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nausea, and at times with vomiting. There was no intestinal disturbance

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Eerguson, Playfair, Jamieson, Eutherford, the Homes, Gregory,

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the fact that in this case the operation was done for can-

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able swelling of the forehead at and around the large discharging

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lean, and wastes away to a skeleton, as in Consump-

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self put us in mind of the series of circumstances, which led him to

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<Med. prihav. k morsk. sborniku, St. Petersb., v. 18, p. 389.

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