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tures, in the same way that water is found to permeate
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it is improbable that the two diseases are produced by the
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' Welch and Fle.xnor ; Bulletin of the Johns Hopkins Hospital, Oc-
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1 Tenth International Medical Congress, Berlin, 1890.
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reeled, and had to lay hold of a post which was near at hand. In a few
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chest and there cause definite tuberculous lesions. It is some-
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From Exp. V it follows that a shaken serum which is completely
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only very faint intestinal murmurs are to be heard; but in pathologic increase
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through the action of arginase, which splits arginin into ornithin
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for deglutition. On the other hand, riauscles supplied by the
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form' r ^' . . . wred the use of these remedial agents in the army, and the
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physician is apt to be overwhelmed with duties to the sick, and has
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bunch of these mushrooms for an artist. Seated by them in
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It is vry important to have the confidence of the patient.
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you have had the opportunity of seeing strikingly exemplified lately in a case of
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cubic capacity of the chest and developing its muscular en-
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bitches. The treatment is by tapping (paracentesis), and after-
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again, and found her as ruddy and fresh as if she had never been sick.
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of the leg over the middle of the patella is 14| inches, of the
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which in turn cause decrease of cardiac and lung energy.
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Quinine) taken diluted in sufficient sweetened water to make a pleasant
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lament too deeply, the unavailing, nay, in some instances, the
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eructations, but no vomiting. At times the epigastrium was very
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a reliable sign, however, in all cases of lung tumor, as it
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lowest in those departments where food is most abundant and cheapest. The
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tin was -f-1.7, while that of the NagCog gelatin was -f- 1.8.
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" The indications that successful inoculation is being effected begin
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struggles ; the mother never forgave me, however, be-
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only come through a contraction of the enlarged vessels,
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Dr. A. Jacobi, of New York. Dr. Baginsky is the editor
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There are ulcers in the caecum and colon which are due to
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most scientific investigators of the peculiar phenomena included
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his urine without assistance. The medical opinion of those who examined
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have not been as yet sufficiently generally employed,
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of in the region of the appendix. The patients are very restless and tend to roll
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and some small round cells with a deeply-staining nucleus
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were confronted with new diseases from the East, which came
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perceived at the same moment. Thus, supposing the inferior
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symptoms, is the so-called Alexander treatment. The inject-
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first inform the purchaser that the substance is not natu-

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