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have for some time worried over the schoolwork, and the attack is thus inten-

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and dissolves to fluidity the excrementitious matters, and they run

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of bleeding, with the finger. At 10 P. M., and at mid-

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The doctors will earn half their bread and butter from these

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The Pine Oil and Pine Fibre Surgical Dressing possess natural and powerful Am

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treme prostration, and will assist in correcting other serious

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bogus of heart disease ; and, we may add, still firmly holding

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two or three hours. The tongue is a fair index to the sort of food most likely

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be no free acid for the first ten minutes after food has entered the organ,

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while in typhus fever the petechial rash may be very slight. The total

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The "primary effect" is unirritating, " cool and pleasant," being the "prompt

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series ; 416 pp., 12rno. " The Story of Martin Luther," edited

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11. Dr. Dujardin (26) describes the case of an electrician

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feen among them. There cannot be more linking proofs

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neck are difiBcult or impossible ; and if the febrile condition of the angina had

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of the plague on Long Island, a gentleman of the name

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branes of the body; and also to bloody effusions into cavities such as

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intermissions. The case will be known from hooping cough by the

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beef tape worm, the pork tape worm and the fish tape worm all

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mentions the greater frequency of the malady in men, "probably,"

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thigh, possibly somewhat in forearms. Mental condi-

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and vomiting, which continued some three days. On the

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fairly regular in force and rhythm. I doubted my senses

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thumb, just above the nail, and smearing the blood on the surface of plain

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liver. Normally only a trace of this substance is formed, but when fatty

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of the liver at almost any point resulted in the flukes escaping in

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