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and warm water. It should never be touched by the finger

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A diagnostic point in sciatica is given by De Beurmann which

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tion and become embedded in the membranes ; the lens would

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furnish only one part in a thousand of the article we need — phos-

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caseous. Vas deferens thickened. Body of testis appears nor-

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destroys organic matter, the air of such forests must be, and

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A. Barnard, of Amesbury, recently probated in Salem,

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Other vegetables may be substituted or added as may be

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pain in her left fide, a fuppreflion of the evacuations

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the following from a paper by Dr. T. B. Greenley (Am. Pract. and

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granular, but changed though the cellules were in form, they had not

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2 Photomicrograph of a teasecf preparation of the nervus ischiadicus of

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required to complete the " studium generale," like the ancient philosophers, took

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but lately it has obviously increased. The patient walks with a slight

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the woman recovered, and I subsequently delivered her without

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dometritis. There being this endometritis higher up,

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extreme septic involvement can hardly be misinterpreted.

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spasmodic irritation of the coughing centre, produced by overflow

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definite symptoms especially belonging to the mediastinal syndrome.

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ders it slimy, in some instances gelatinous, and always ruins

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inherited or acquired later in life. It is especially an anomaly

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increased BSP retention, and rises in SGOT levels, have

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of the parasite found, as in his experience when quinine is

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30th. — The disease was now evidently checked, and from this

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Of this third stage he makes three degrees. In the first, or mildest,

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following treatment. Tinct. Ferri Perchloridi, 30 drops

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nutrition, as experienced by the nucleus, nor does it have anything in

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tain cases Gilbert confounds hsemophilia with cholemia.

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diminished by the contraction of the side of the thorax,

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the practice of the ancients with modern improvements, we shall

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a catheter has to be passed, as often as not the process has to be

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have carried the series to over twenty rabbits without obtaining any notice-

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