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rad per treatment." That was the traditional approach of
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also find a place, and yet such seems to be the fact.
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and the more it is diluted. This is attained by giving
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ing of the joint. There was a difference of one inch in length of
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dosage is very easily managed. Many of the difficulties associated with
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sphygmic and postsphygmic periods of ventricular systole are shown by the vertical lines. The
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Dr. Pinny gave a full risumi of his opinions on the relations between haemop-
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these customs is preserved that of hanging on the rocks
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an induration below and to the right, which could be
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disease, they are less in proportion than half, while
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symptoms may not preponderate, or that in another the spinal symptoms
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to sm.oo^h the womb are also very good. To make which
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what he learns from companions, and everything good, bad
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charge than the bloody one, in the changes of which from
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and the pleura was enormously thickened, and presented almost
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cian, and did not consult the writer until he had bled
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free bloody discharge; fixation, softening and increase
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counterbalanced in females by the effect of confinement and lac-
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the day, divided into five piUs ; at the same time, with a view to
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twenty-fourth year. At this time Oxford offered very poor facilities
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employed by them chiefly in cases of advanced disease,
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years, till one day it commenced rapidly to increase in size,
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remedies should be aimed chiefly at the subduction of
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exert a powerful influence on the practice of obstetrics in this country.
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of testimony taken during their investigation in July,
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be experienced in restoring the normal position of the limb if, at the same
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in character and lamellated ; it varies a good deal in thickness according
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June 10-12— Sixth Annual Summer in the Mountains Conference. Chil-
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not only within the limits of the same page, but even in the
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Tolland County. Abijah Ladd, aged 66. Paralysis. Allen Hyde, aged 82.
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we may lay it down as a rule, that it should be prompt, according to the to-
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Through this shelving edge near the pubis pass a chromic catgut
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it advisable to administer a dose of morphine, to allay some gastric pain

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