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addition an appearance which .seemed to indicate that

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steel. This is where the dull, characteristic expression, the delirium,

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tion with a great variety of different conditions. A physiological

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Though I recognize the cogency of Dr. Holden's state-

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iiii nt of the hands or feet, comfort is often given by having them wear bed

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remedies, such as sulphur, carbolic acid, or formalin.

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treatment had been pursued two days, I found almost com-

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or two had found the uterine cavity almost invariably sterile) could not be

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nity against a recurrence of the disease. When promptly

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only a short after-effect, which disappeared before the wound could be

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positive evidence that there is a greater excess of uric acid in the blood

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with the next; it maybe relieved by the expulsion of

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dies after a period of suffering more or less prolonged. In cases of aortic

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irregular or elongated body which often stains honu.g.'nously is

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Clinical Observations on Diphtheritic Paralysis.— ^. D. Rolleston [Prac-

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to one distinct class of lesions, namely, those produced

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a condition a name, and say that there is present a

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puffs, and has caused poisoning symptoms mainly of acute gastro-intestinal

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regiments who did not have in anticipation immediate

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It occurs oftenest on the right side : out of 727 cases, 553 were

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into the wound, when a small piece about the size of a shilling was

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