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showed nearly 10.000 colonies. Both plates were exposed on
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THE Application of Strong Currents. By G. Betton Massey,
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tive plan for the inspection, treatment and drainage of
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established is incurable^ although, from what we have already
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by the Health Director with " follow-up " work by the nurses on
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India, Part L By Norman Chevers, M.D., Bengal Medical Service. — Calcutta^
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In a ease of acute lijemorrhagic pancreatitis which I reported before
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like a fish bone, and I have known the two to be mis-
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or specific irritants takes place from the one eye to the other. In
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There should be a division hospital for special cases,
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and deaths were numerous. The visitation became notorious, and
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a heart in which the muscular fibres are very seriously
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If syncope or spasm of the larynx occurs, do not lose your head,
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tion was practised, and that many lives have thus been saved. The
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like the liver in Case 10, except that the connective tissue bands are very
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lar delusion which happens to prevail at the time, such as
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excrete the specific constituents of the urine, even when the
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showed a patient suffering from actinomycosis. When first seen there
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relieved from further duty at the Military Academy, West Point,
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hospitals but can be provided in doctors’ offices.
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patient was about fifty years of age, a returned Californian, and
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in the female, it will be found to exceed it by one-half. It followh^
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pense with either, except in case of excessive thickness
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There are two conditions which may accompany fracture of the
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ankle clonus. He complained of a feeling of numbness,
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point of departure. The height of the bluff is not stated in
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simplicity, ease and efficiency we are on top. A truss, light,

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