Ela Max Anesthetic

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a similar, but localized effect. Baths are of most benefit in
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(1858), and of a celebrated text-book, " Lectures on Clinical Medicine " (1856),
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mix, and give in one dose in mixed, cut or soft feed, twica
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The fees received, after all expenses are paid, are to
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became so serious that the question of abdominal section
ela max topical anesthetic
rib is lower than the end which joins the spine, and
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to the Legislature, to h^ve a law passed against quacke-
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apply to the Director of Laboratories, A. E. F., (Museum Unit),
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of oil and one of carbol, by measure. If cerate is wanted all that is ne-
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Sa-Av =^0.036, As-Vs^=0.\2', one auriculoventricular cycle with Av-Sa = 0.32,
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Guttmann also makes the important statement that the
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The Committee upon Home Adulterations, Chas. T. Carney, pre-
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tincture of iodine and a 5-per-cent solution of carbolic acid. From

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