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are greatly dilated as far as the capillaries, and their ^\alls are thick-


process. Those fabrics are most suitable for clothing which are the

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stances carbohydrates are injurious to the sufferer from diabetes. It will

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Ammonia and alcoholic stimulants may be made to saturate the

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health maybe easily sacrificed, vital force may be lavishly squandered


a narrow irregular cortex. The former kidney is generally red, the latter

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by the lodgement of a foreign body as a grape seed, a prune stone, a

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(1) Alcohol is very important in the carrying out of the fat-and-

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35 to 40 calories, when in motion and engaged in light work.

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asthma, sciatica, neuralgia, hemicrania, and other niauifestations of

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Medical Soc, — fellow of American Academy of Political and Social

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kind prejudicial to the integrity of the protoplasm are probably often

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In the treatment an effort should be made to improve the general

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d. The Oircumpolavization Test. — Solutions of grape sugar have

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those very high temperatures which characterize some cases of hyper-

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as he contends against the symptom which is amenable to treatment

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catalogue for 1887, going into operation for the first

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in connection with certain unusual or obscure manifestations of the

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soul lies immediately 'under the epidermis, are forced to speak the

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ments. They are about an inch and a half long and less than

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of the kidney to the bladder, it occasions sudden and terrific pain of

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The study of diseases of the muscles is a subject that belongs at

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that this fact argues very strongly against the theory that there is

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other injuries often accompany bruises, as lacerations of the flesh,

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Many sensitive men, who occupy positions of great responsibility,

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arthritic jjredisposition, a course of debauchery is very liable to induce

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albuminuria during recovery from acute nephritis. When thb method is

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from arthritis deformans have been carefully studied by a long series

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disturbances of function. Sometimes it is true that in the same

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thelium in the straight tubules and in the descending portion of

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For various reasons, miscarriages are liable to occur at any time

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cult to tell which eye is at fault, but various methods in use avail for

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from washing out the bladder daily with a fountain syringe and the

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warmth applied to the extremities. Brandy may be given in ice

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school are liable to pass from one head to another. It is not unusual

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certain symptom, however, is the discovery of worms in the stools.

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The glomerular lesions are the only ones seen to anv extent in some

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acteristic; whereas the patient's friends are slow to interpret the cause

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