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versal Intuition — Safeguards of the Mating Period — Girls, Confide in Your Moth-

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so severe that it will cause fainting; after a time

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course, different from the one he showed at the last meeting, which was one of

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on there will be deposited about a half ton of alkali

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per cent., that is, practically 04 per cent., were posi-

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vive more than seventeen hours. In none of these cases could death

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bilities of infection through milk, but has merely collected evidence

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or bread crumbs and camphorated spirits of wine ; the follow-

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This is a disease of the skin, accompanied by a terribly annoy-

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•^TSTesterM. IDepot, "C7, S^. ^"k , IT "^TT". IFiftlx St., I^aiisas Cit3r,3>-fo«

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Table y.\A\.— Potatoes, Variety Test. Wheatland, i8g4.

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Cornell University Medical College, a leader in de-

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It has long been known by many clinicians that there are a certain

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the gonococcus receiving the pre-eminent position to which its havoc

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opened longitudinally on its right lateral aspect, presenting the neo-

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but the only operation I happened to witness was an ovariotomy

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invariably due to biliary calculi, is that in all the cases to

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Answer is made in Lib. de Formu Speculi. that the image

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ment. Even after medical treatment recovery is not always

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surgery of the past has been robbed of much horror simply by this intro-

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by Dr. Ferrier, had the first case operated on in London,

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by a slow spontaneous evaporation or inspissation of the juice

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as absolutely requisite. Dr. Faye, on the other hand, insists that it has a most important

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with potatoes on the six station farms during a period of

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plegic forms. Yet, are they all akin? I have seen several of them in

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which all the sources of error have been eliminated.

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name Corporealism — the tendency to keep purely to the body and not

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tions of the chest, defective structure of the lungs, a small heart,

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