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menting the membership of the society; endeavoring to bring

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follows the hysterical sobbing and crying, with alternate fits of

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Hartford County. Myron W. Wilson, aged 37. Typhoid Fever.


orbital fascia is separated, and the eyeballs raised, before the

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ionisation on the second day, the negative electrode being used

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The Cranium and Cranial Cavity. — The diseases affecting the

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was employed for many important purposes, especially in engineer-

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chair in which the bride was carried having been borne into the room with

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served in members of a single chain. In the tissues the bacillus stains well

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ney. One author has mentioned that the largest pro-

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Upon the completion of their examination, to rejoin their stations.

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acute type and progresses slowly, especially if there be an

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the rule laid down by Sir Spencer Wells many years ago, of

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canned corned beef should be issued on alternate days,

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lost its frequency. He expired at half-past ten o'clock,

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cases was the diagnosis, but a greater difficulty was to de-

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the patient. She was described as having been a bright and lively girl,

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Inoculation of the scrotum of the rabbit by the methods described usually re-

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study the advertisement of Mrs. Rosenbury which appears in

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that the air was reasonably pure. Lighting is obtained by

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ment, consisting of alcohol, quinine, strychnia, and

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through the Provincial Health District No. 7, with the Ontario

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ever, not having passed a catheter for a year and three

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many y e(urs> I mention this as t caution to parents, not

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eight are cured with difficulty, and the poisons of

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The cold air seems to cling to the walls, and descends like a

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infrequently by Dr. Bruhl himself This condition, according to Ley-

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