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des Hopitaux, 96 ; of Royal College of Surgeons, 129 ;
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so when the admission would, as we apprehend, be the admission of
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" Having been in the habit of using Mr. Freeman's Chlorodyne
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seemed probable that, at the time of the accident, the
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vestigating the history of the trichina. A young woman,
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the bowels being undisturbed, and the pain extending in
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release the bankrupt until she has been four months in
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first chewed six grains, then a feeling of giddiness came
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which could not be deciphered with the naked eye could
more than one case the operation was not undertaken
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slipped from the child's month through the rima of the
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against Dr. Philbrick, and thanks to his professional
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secure an immediate entrance in the one case, and immediate
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disturbance of the digestive organs is complained of;
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healthy subject, become still greater in these cases
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degrees of narrowing of the duct, and even complete oc-
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water drank in large quantities. I have authority from
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fully, and deserves thanks for his trouble, and for his
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honoribus, titulis, et privilegiis." Besides, if the College
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was asleep more than au hour, awaking just before I ar-
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liberty for whatever manipulations may be requisite in
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train of symptoms had appeared, and had tei'minated
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appeal, to the honour of the Council be it told, was
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points, which may be of service in the treatment of
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forehead square ; the orbits large. The bones of the face
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on no account, to leave the room, or to sleep while with
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space. Eight leeches were ordered to be applied to the
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night in which sleep is ordinarily most profound. At
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died during the year ; fifteen new Members had been
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connoisseurs in I'aris, have excited the highest admira-
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tema, or cytoblastema of these Germans, but the coagu-
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wound of the penis. It appeared that his wife had been
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does so, it is a good plan to shave some part of the head,
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— marginal fibres of Van der Kolk(o) — which surround
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of such a mind as this, is to entrench upon the do-
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used it for some years in Colic, Neuralgia, Phthisis, and Asthma.
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gratulations to Dr. Edward Waters of Chester on the
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shoulder, though it still remained in the stomach. She
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hitherto directed by Czermak. Not only does it avoid
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the exception of a small fistulous opening on the side of

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