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suturing and ligating, catgut prepared according to Kocher's

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the history- sheet. But it turned out differently. At 3 p. m. suddenly

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especially in the caft of the leg, that appears during the night and on waking

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lium of the part. In four days there was a small amount of indura-

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13 showed a normal thickness of epithelium, and the others

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Will you send to the Cleveland Medical Library, 2318 Prospect Ave.

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pea-sized examples of which are found not infrequently in the

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ual in acooidance to the amount and character of the food consumed : it results from

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fore, divide my observations under the two following

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the most scientific practitioner had failed to accomplish. Here the em-

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Being decidedly antiseptic, it is a valuable agent for washing out

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monia in infusion of galls. Dr. Ure states that this forms the

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in adult life in cases of new growth is of course quite in conso-

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The Treatment of Gastro-Enteritis with Biedert's Cream

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year of the eighteen hundreds on the century which is draw-

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from the gelatin chloride solution to the outside aqueous solution

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stock of the latter article, with a view to prevent further

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such an accident in a girl aged twelve years. Most often the intracranial

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the diaphragm, which was softening, and adhesion of the opposed

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of pain and added trigger areas over the back of the

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low of the College of Physicians; Formerly Assistant

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appeared simultaneously with albuminuria or preceding it. In the

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his fingers in drenching a cow suffering from foot and

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deeper regions at the sides of the throat, sometimes iu other

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against the suspected object and quickly withdrawn, will

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means of the blood-vessels may take place, when one of the large

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Section of this Society in the latter part of 1916.^

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twelve in number, equally divided between successes and deaths.

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examiiied in the hanging-drop. The red blood cells stain a brownish

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