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evidence of having been occupied, subsequently to the date of

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Those cases in which there is obstinate relapsing rheumatism of the

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horse in being very heavy and wide at the upper part of the

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very few that if the rice-water dejections are poisonous,

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lledinger. The histology of the tubular epithelium, of which

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present state of knowledge of the paths of infection in tubercu-

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chsetidse Ehrenberg 1833 — Spirochaetacea with an undulating

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tions. In infants he uses a four-per-cent solution and washes away the

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night w ith defective vision during the day, the latter defective

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developed Jaundice, with the various symptoms previously described. If

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The Utilization of Laboratory Methods. By Sydney R. Miller,

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full-scale effort at prevention, as opposed to amelioration, of intellectual handi-

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but the Coiuicil, as at present constituted, is powerless to

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but the mucous rales were not heard so low down anteriorly. Fine crepitation

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ness of breath. In many instances, the patients complain of palpita-

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sise ; they are applicable to gout as v^ell as to rheumatism,

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corps has there reached high development. In this connection

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derivable from waste of tissue only, and not from any change or

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globular or bari-el-shaped form. This projection extends from the summit to

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abdomen, "A modern physician of great eminence, recommends (in

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tain time, and carried to a limited extent, restrains or effectu-

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fully developed. Was able to fully reduce the hernia; put on small

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this is scarcely correct. The whole evolution often points so

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about every four to five hours, and in infants and children at intervals ot

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infection; hence the so-called gangrenous pancreas may contain abscess

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the bone-marrow were obtained in several cases, and in none

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cases Bostrom has found the vegetable fragment buried in the yellow grains or in the

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to the hospital, exact statistics of the change and

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himself to be clear-headed ; and he always goes to the point in anything he undertakes ;

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different regions of the trunk, enumerating the organs they contained, and the state of

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now using, as it will obviate the use of the syphon

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the cerel)dlmn to tlie extent of one-third of an inch.

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under the head of the latter. It sometimes happens that the blood

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*^ It is now nearly five years since I began to suffer severely from

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third very extensive and fatal out-burst of it in that form. The disease

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The sudden cold of collapse observed on the surface of a living body, is here

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(2) Some cases of empyema, by perforating the visceral pleura, the lungs,

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one of its sides formed by tolerably distinct ei^ithelium, the other broken

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with continued comfort and good health one year after the operation. Mr.

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median line just below the umbilicus. When the perito-

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