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the circulatory apparatus in different regions of the body. But we

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markedly retarded during the 2nd hour and does not dialyze at all

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tion, made before the N. Y. S. M. Society of 1887,^ says that

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Yel. I. to 21?. London (pnblUOied by the Cavondiah Boclely).

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antagonism between the two glands is always present, but the hyper-

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like bulging of the luxated liver was noted by Auenbrugger and

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of syphilis the sploon is always enlarged. I tliink where it is carefully

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uterine pregnancy, that it was held by many to be a pathognomonic

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which the mastoid was opened by me for inflammation, and of which I

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(Internal ear or mixed middle and internal ear deafness.)

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Robinson, D. E., assistant surgeon. To report to medical

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difference in the position of the anterior focus may be disregarded.

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there is no diarrhoea, the decoction of cinchona may be combined

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one drachm, and add to it an ounce of the simple ointment.

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was barely perceptible over. the apex, and not at all at the radials. Professor

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Excision of the Knee- Joint, with report of 28 cases,

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employment of a salicylic and sulphur pomade, the seborrhoea had

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t ' ions; and they were more marked in the lower limbs than

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the body of ')7.93 grammes, or 278.1 granmies of al-

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averaging somewhere near 120 gallons per capita per day. It is

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tion is already settled ; with others it is settling

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dyspnoea or pain. Soon entire upper part body swollen, oedematous, and

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Excuse my giving you these anatomical details, which perhaps I

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membrane is of a dusky hue, often dotted with fresh hemorrhages.

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