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tion with the Hollis street church for forty-three years. .He was

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There arc 4 some circumstances, however, which we cannot

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of the oldest notions, dating from Mauricean. The lividity of the face

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especially to the use of the set f sight, in distinction from the use of the

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obstruction of the supposed electrical circuits by the


nity of witnessing the work of the best operators of Chicago in some ten of the leading outside

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vitalisation of matter. For instance, atrophy everywhere

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fore the right eye is certainly the image seen by that

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presence of separate producing germs for hog cholera and swine

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ment of personnel was ordered for each field hospital, and since

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tive degree t>f sickness, based on the statistics of ten years — from 1829

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derived from any form of diseased udder is one entirely for

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1. Ozone transforms albumin into fibrin and the hsemo-

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with suspicion. This may be followed by stupor, and ulti-

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Diseases of the Ear By Philip D. Kerrison. M. D. 112

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Bretagne lui a montres en ces abominables et tragiques journ^es. Quand

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danger-signals are. It is a question over which chemists, individu-

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forgotten to mention above, that on withdrawing the can-

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That address opened up a new and inviting field for experiment

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The following gentlemen have passed their examination : —

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Acute hemorrhage occurred most frequently between 20-30 ; 31 — 26

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coating of the tongue in fever, but are of no pathological import-

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patient is attacked by it. As a rule, the diagnosis pre-

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ish-gray colored and shining ; the medullary portion was of firm consistence, rather

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In addition, it is oftentimes inconvenient to part with

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(Biomedical Science), Joseph D. Rosenblatt (Apr) 379

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ence ; also that the complication does not occur until after the

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