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There are so many different types of stable that it is only

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fat and carbohydrate is its greater simplicity; the tedious

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extensively burned, and he would have sunk from the local

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and a considerable number of statistics have been compiled.

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attention especially to the detailed directions which appear

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of the essential difference which separates the new order

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Hospital, but likewise of tlie great Eye Infirmary of London,

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in, and if his prescription failed to give immediate

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of B. botulinus from commercial canned foods are scarcely justified.

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lora d'una raatauration apparaiaaant dana la taxta,

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cover the unpleasant flavor a piece of chocolate may be taken

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The frequency of concurrence with displacements and

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his clear-headedness and practical ability. Among other things, he

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maybe administered hypodermically just before the anesthetic.

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facial nerve, which was exclusively motor, and it was on this point

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the surgeons were informed that a study was taking place,

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sources of danger. The left side of the heart is found

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'6169 Metchnikoff, E. Lecons sur la pathoiogie compart de-

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wrapped in wet cloths, at the feet, which will in most

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shreds and sloughs, which is passed in the motions.

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regiment, the senior with the commander at the head, one junior with

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situated high up in the intestinal canal. I brought forward a case some

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water contents being estimated to be 88.77 per cent. From 100 c. ctm. of tlie blood

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replied that his duty toward his patient rendeted it impossible that

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In discuHsion, Du. Witiikkhpoon, of Nanhville, Raid

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This was especially true of the cases assigned him for

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this may occur is said to be dilatation of the appendage

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well substantiated by Dr. Gully. He observes, " The internal irrita-

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standstill at the watering troughs. Here they get their fill

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and the group of saprophytes make the medium acid by the decomposing

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The question of humidity which Dr. Wright has just touched upon

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Smith (24) has called attention to the localization of Bacillus abortus

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