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or to pass on to a more advanced course. Practical use of some pre-medical
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ever, that a history of this kind is always dubious and
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the curetted material. As the one preponderates over the
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told that the study involved “physicians and medical treat-
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faculties; the diagnostic retching; the nausea; the pains;
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Flobence Flask, Used in Generating Chlorine Gas, . 74
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also in their use, for they perform not the same actions as in
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shown by the fact that certain observers have regarded as pneumococci,
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gators and six medical schools and hospitals for studies
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take place as readily in a mild as in a severe infection of the mother. It does
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great difficulty is the expense, but harder still is
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operative field should be most thoroughly disinfected, the armpit
extenzen fda
which shows little beyond the vulgar incidents of rail-
will apply equally well to every and all other Counties of the State,
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on the 8th of January, being informed that some difiiculty was experienced in
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THERE would be no tight lacing if girls could be made to
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chyma of organs, or upon their membraneous surfaces. The tendency
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there is a third group of cases attended by extraordinary hyperplastic
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part of their time in refracting, to which more attention is paid
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attempt made, by permanently and strongly flexing the limb, to
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Erysipelas. — Is a very peculiar kind of inflammation of the skin,
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A short-hand reporter is regularly engaged upon the
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tographs of his dissections illustrating the condition
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we found the symptoms and pathological changes to be similar.
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held so prominent a place in therapeutics for the last half century,

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