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Samples 5 and 6 were dissolved in warm water with the aid of a

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must disagree with him on this point. Cases are seen with a hard, high

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obtaining medical aid gratis do not belong to the necessitous poor for whom

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scraping the floor and other parts which have come in contact with

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two cases of intrathoracic tumour, and showed preparations and sections

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and Hector Boece, in his " Croniklis of Scotland," ^ definitely

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rent from Uie " turret" According to our own* rou^ esti-

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monia. I have for many years supported this doctrine myself,

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trol which the bath had over the thermo-genetic and vaso-motor

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have demonstrated that by far the most common and important specific cause

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no one should mistake him for a regular physician. He trusted to his

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pains in and around the joints are severe, there is a considerable liability

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shifting of pains, as in acute rheumatism ; the attacking of first

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looked. Experience and observation having led me to the belief

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s.n.j tirpation of bones. Trans, from German. (New Syd.

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colic, will soon prove fatal if not well treated. When the

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deflect the award of justice, literature would be such

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small nodules, the size of a pin-head, some yellow, some red, and

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which weie typical examples of typhoid. In reviewing the

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from germs which are not to be seen with the best microscopes in existence,

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triggered by attempts to resolve a variety of developmental,

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a poet laureate, and received a title of honour from

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ment of motives, which leaves us in doubt whether the assailants

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been ordered out into the bay. I should say, in pass-

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surgeon to get a glimpse of his patients ; but, in order

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wards about half a pace every time it touched the ground ; in

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lous deposits of cattle are always contained in the cells ; the larger the cell

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skin suggested the impression that he had had great loss of blood.

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unintentional, it is best to remove both the gall-bladder and the duct

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of the cyst-fluid after operation <Austral. M. J., Melbourne (206), v. 23, June,

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VAMC: Veterans Administration Medical Center. 500 Foothill Dr, Salt Lake

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