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that this form of renal conti-action may also induce hypertrophy
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Art. 69. — Chronic Brighi^a Disease in a Syphilitic PcUient.
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I generally used as a part of Politzer's apparatus for inflating the
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College of SuJgeons in Ireland, which had been pre-
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ternal conformation was transmissible; that if they happened to
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^Schenck, F., Arch. ges. Physiol., 1890, xlvii, 621. Arthus, M., Z. Biol.,
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gastric — nervous, generally merging into the disease, showing more or
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becomes coagulated, and an albuminate of mercury is formed and deposited
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the " Movements of the Heart," in the Reference Handbook of the
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and the enlargement of the nerves. Klebs was inchned
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In all chronic prostatic disease producing dysuria the internal
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Her menses were always regular and normal. In her exhausted condition
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cells attach themselves to particles of animal { in this matter. We must admit, then, that
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caused by the accumulation in the blood of urea, which the diseased
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mother guinea pig. We injected a number of female guinea pigs,
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femtrex 30 tablets
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to be overcome. Albuminuria aj^ain on thirty-seventh day,
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The part which these substances play in experimental pneumococcus infec-
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\Bottom, Middle: Erin Griffin, Brian Allen, and Whitney Cole get ready to enter the dance.
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patient. When fully recovered from under the influence of the
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In refly to a letter of inquiry concerning the United States
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Dr. Williams brought to England the practice of auscultation
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that the disease may be confined within the narrowest possible
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ity in psychiatry through research, clinical activities,
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equal parts of lanolin and icthyol and then envelops the parts in
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this evidence of professional activity in the Pacific Province.
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Although no specific therapy that will prevent the disease or
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have lost, medicine has gained. The artists have be-
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Hence, I think we may safely reason that carbonic acid
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and exiwsure to cold. In most of the cases of intermittent cla»idi<a-
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on to which we have just listened. I think the general impression
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Oomparative statement of cases of contagious diseases
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est son of Mr. Bancroft the historian — accompany Dr. Wyman.
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body, Marasmus, collapse and death; while in the Fatty Degeneration

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