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curandis fijjuris labiorum h}bernis^ in fjfuris fapllarum
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increased longevity of tbe people. In 1851 there were 151,549 persons aged from 5 to
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House. In case of death it is she who renders what aid and extends
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sufficient force to induce the irritation which causes their
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retention, the operation is indicated, but if it occurs suddenly in
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unexploded powder. The force of the gas escaping from the
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is found that compression will not only quickly cure incipient inflammations, but even when
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thumb, just above the nail, and smearing the blood on the surface of plain
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to incorruptibility by taking a part from a. whole, — that whole and part,
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o( «ko cotifl k deslnjed We mmi iD&r tlni there
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And Many Other Prominent Physicians Throughout the Country.
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rigidity to the cells, as nearly all of them are approximately circular
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time to become corrupt, and by separating patients with such
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winter. There were indications during the first days of
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By dietary methods, having as their basis a prolonged reduction in
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of the intra-peritoneal treatment of the ovarian pedicle ;
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action. A man feels himself aggrieved by the supposed or real injustice
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The Rabbit Eye Operation. — Encouraging reports are
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ported, whicli coukl justify the susjiicion that the ab-
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ses where blisters are used by the " Old School Physicians,"
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dish, and consequently the larvae of insects — caterpillars of all kinds —
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proached the abdominal cavity was somewhat remarkable in the
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grease is used, most of which is in a state of decay ; the grease
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mucous membranes of the pharynx, characterized by a
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also to understand the art of ventilation, and to make
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'61082 Hutchinson, J. Descriptive catalogue of the New
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pregnancy or loss of fat. The diagnosis is generally clear : a movable tumor
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ing up. The altered appearance of certain organs that had
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vaginal hysterectomy, and how easy it seems now. I dis-
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which would cause death in large doses would in small, or
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tions. The dose is very small, only one half or three quarters of a grain,
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The Diseases of the Sose, Mouth, Pharynx, and Larynx.

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