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(■tiniriij plii'tioini'iiii met with in Hi*pti<-, infection at tluM jM*riod.

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the lameness is slight, and the horse can not be spared from work

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tension and counter extension. All varieties of this method

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the case of man, recovery is never complete, for a permanent condition,

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is sometimes persistent, bowels constipated, tongue furred, loss

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involvement or bilateral posterior involvement, or when

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of analysis during the past few years show this fact

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ity in psychiatry through research, clinical activities,

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the circulating fluid, and always denotes that the remedy has been urged be-

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Wm. Canniff, Toronto; Bray, Chatham ; Sweetland and Church,

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37°C., and no noticeable digestion takes place at a temperature

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secrecy are requisites common to all. The low state into which

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in ctbdominal lesions is only justifiable when the diagnosis of

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which has an important bearing on another question of much

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ment becomes partly ossified, even causing Anchylosis. Where it at-

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she has assumed as her lofty purpose to create a new era in

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operation was performed by Dominicus de Marchettis at the end

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The most appropriate initial imaging study for a pa-

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require careful fitting to keep the opening for the eyes in

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dog. Proceed. Am. Vet. Med. Assn., xlii, 1905, p. 349.

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Surgeon Geo^e F. French, U.S.Y., to doty establishing General Hospi-

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experience. It is obvious that the cleansing of the alimentary

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FuEZB when young is excellent feeding for all stock ; it

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bathed, jagged, ulcerated tissues, with added intensity of

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following treatment. Tinct. Ferri Perchloridi, 30 drops

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Figs. 62 to 67. Examples of three parasites encircling one hemoglobin mound.

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the forearm of King Siptali (Nineteenth Dynasty), who

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disseminated, by a single inspiration, over the entire surfoce of the

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1895 was on February 12, when the thermometer ten feet

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checking the hemorrhages and alleviating the pains, but it does not

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previous disease in the low-er part of the abdomen and

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medical diagnosis demands, and to serve, as well, as a

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