Test X180 Diabetes

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altogether, while in the first it is still intermittently
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<Med. prihav. k morsk. sborniku, St. Petersb., v. 18, p. 389.
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don and the Royal College of Surgeons of England, to which the Uni-
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habitually abort and the menstrual periods are very
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This may furnish a good tincture (much stronger than many so-
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ures. The subjoined cases were communicated by Dr. V.
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Cleveland. Mr. Golden was but 56 years old, but since' a boy
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phia three times a day has a marked effect. In so-called varicose ulcers, the
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reader with some useful information, whether he be a veterinary
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surmised, especially when the idea of using it as a mechanism for control
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Thrombosis is mentioned in the accounts of the spinal lesions in man.
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Streptococcus pyogenes. These bacteria often, moreover, cause no serious
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special cause of scurvy is to be found in the form of
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employing fluoroscopic aid, must be considered as only
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tery, very soon died, while other guinea-pigs kept in a
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(b) Isolation: Destroy all vermin on the body of the patient,
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of the symptoms most frequently complained of was flatulence,
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and of turpentine on the other, may be varied according to the
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paper to the Royal Society on " Statistics of Suicides in England and
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and without contagion having anything to do with it."
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strength was 85, and the number of cases 76. The number of deaths
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•6192 Walley, T. The four bovine scourges. Edin. 1879.
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Medicinal-Polizei. v. 2 (Supplement), viii 4- 264 pp. 8°. Iserlohn. [W m .]
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down as a part of the course in one of our Canadian schools.
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gested a hi.story of medical science, beginning with a panegyric upon a^scu-

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