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death certificates should, like vaccination papers, be sent to
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with 251 passed ; and askpd if some explanation could be given
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be paid up before any services can be rendered" - are if anything rather
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ford rural authorities, the former proposing to expend £2, ICO
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microbe of typhus fever. The Conseil d'Hygiene suggests to
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Sir Thomas Lea : All your medicine is made from herbs I-'
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gas being a source of deterioration of health, the wliole of
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vance. So, too, the palpable injustice, amounting to cruelty,
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cus and Poupart's ligament, on the right side, a swelling the size of the
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Sir W. FosTEB : It may be partly true. However, if my
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2. In no case could contagion, or the possibility of it, be demonstrated
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sures in India, Bengal is by no means the most vaccinated
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" tinder this title a disease is frequently mentioned in the first half of
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the material taken into the system, and by its afiinity for that
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questions from Dr. Kenny, Mr. Field, and .Mr. W. Kenny, said the Army
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tolic murmur, which is conducted a short way into the axilla,
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bound to diminish the chances of septic infection to a mini-
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asserted was daraa;:ing to his reputation as a medical man. The defen-
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any of the limbs. Knee-jerks were not obtained when
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P. Reardon. J. M- Murphy. K. F. de Jung, L. R. Steele, J. L. Pinchin,
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tube tor safety. The method of urinary examination which
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m view of the festivities which will take place in honour of
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afterwards fainted and died. Two eases occurred quite re-
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never been any want of personal courtesy or respect in the
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not ask his readers to pay for the privilege of competing —
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the examinations in preliminary education held by the
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Surgeon, to the Thunderer, April isth ; Michael O'Brien, Surgeon, to the
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Medical Staff Corps, has resigned his commission, which was dated June
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time all smallpox cases requiring hospital treatment and occurring in
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performed on them, twice in the middle line and once over
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April 7th : Dr. Macphebson in the chair. There were present
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osteo-arthritis, we quite agree with the author that it is better
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Necbologicai. Society of London, Physiological Laboratory, Uni-
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in order that they may thus acquire familiarity with the
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the proneness of people to follow their leaders rather than an
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(2.4.1 p M.) The usual husiuessof the annnal meeting. Notice of resolution
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hiemoglobm percentage gradually goes up to the normal. In
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a statutory numljer of insertions or area of scar being laid down as
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on the reform and development of medical education in liis
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Surgeon-Captain H. E. Banatvala. Bengal Establishment, is posted as
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who had developed a chancre of the cheek, with well-marked
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that we term " functional," while the others include the
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larity among his contemporaries testified that his success,
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junctival sac. An alcoholic extract of hops was evaporated

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