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the ' drawing ' pains had almost ceased. Urine passed some-

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leurs Conditions Orqaniques. Par J. TissoT. Paris : V. Masson et

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meter, the finger may readily enter the bladder. The amount

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Apr 15 Grand Rounds - 6:30 pm, Huron Towers Auditorium; Speaker: To be announcecfTopic: To be announced. Info:

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to prevent vertebral concussion, the projecting chin and

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violent, and obstinately resisted every inclination to empty the

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greatly prized by the Arabians, whose intellectual activity was awakened

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Effects of Tropical Service. — Another person who has

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which produces a local drop in temperature and reduced

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that of dog hair. On coming to the city he brought some pet

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pared with that of the opposite side. He again, by means of cod-liver oil, good diet,

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til she is 55 years old, and the effect of the adoption of educa-

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ate and radical extirpation, and should there be a return,

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rimentale, Firenze, 1885, Ivi, 250-259. Also, Reprint. —

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time made it advisable to halt the operation at this point. While we

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cachectic, yet at other times, both the nutrition and the color are well

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Jlr. Alexander Brvce had repeatedly tried inoculations,

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points of origin of malignant disease, and, secondly, the

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Lower still the nucleus of the sixth nerve is found.

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He has traveled, too, if one may believe him, all over creation " to dis-

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animals, for the reason, perhaps, that they graze closer than

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1897, xxxvi. 53-56. — Johnston (W.) On the application of

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and jaundice, while Dr. Tully, who saw her on the 28th,

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bits, of course) I have purposely bruised and lacerated

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though it would be well to try to maintain apposition by a

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spiration being about 40, and the pulse 120 to 140. The

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after this disease, answered, after pausing a little to consider, " burn

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he was seized with agonizing pain in the region of the

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ro^ris dew •^fer'rt to bear. J Producing or bear-

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the patient. In the first of these two modes the auscultation is

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It is to be expected that Dilute Hydrochloric Acid in doses of ten U>

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spin;il medulla, and it is probably to this congestion

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1884, n. s., xii, 257. — Tereshkovich (A. M.) Sluchai iz-

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merely by the briefest reference to Flexner's work, of which, in

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