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I received first hand, in broken English, from a man from
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Weitere Beitrage zur Kentnis der Stauungsblutungen nach Rumpfcompression,''
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years. Dr. O'Carroll considered the movements in the
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recess again when the temperature fell. The pyrexial period, if
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Price at Retail, $1.00 per Bottle. Depot, 83 John Street, New York.
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ties. But the last two things sugge-ted, Avill be the natural result of
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occurred to me that the condition of the pylorus found in this patient
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his removal, that was doubtless true, at the time it was written, as he
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the contraction be on this account desired to be removed, the simple
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introduced into the rectum, will feel the distended blad-
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of all narcotic tonic measures, I found happily in the bromide of
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bangs, cuts, stakes, &c. A gallop once a fortnight
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^ HuNTEE: — CEuvres Completes ; traduites par G. Eiolielot. Paris, 1843.
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volume, but not in frequency ; the bowels had not moved
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Etiology. — Though no germ has been discovered as yet, it is knov
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was a menace to those with whom she associated; that she must
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places, in the night (the corresponding times for the
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We have asked and tried to answer the question, What is life? and
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out tbe previous assent of the victim of intemperance.
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of the nipple, a transverse distance of five and a half
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The use of tincture of iodine as a first field dressing in recent
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stitched together at the fold, the outer one being a little larger
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been made in the chapter on tumours in general. Respecting the age at
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Fenwick Herbert Frederick, s, a, w, Chicago. U. of Indiana; S.B. '22.
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be said that in these observations I am combating shadows. That
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and the re-absorption of peri-articular exudations, and at the same time
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part of the right side anteriorly and posteriorly, and over the
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unfrequently noticed just before death, and as the figures
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mends its careful attention to medical corporations and as-
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Lister became Professor of Surgery at Glasgow in i860.
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with the thumb and ringer, and having charged the syringe
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in any medical school today. This was secured by reorganization of
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citizen's duty is the uppermost one in the thought of
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In connexion with the cases exhibited that afternoon, it would have

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