Does Buspirone Cause Weight Gain

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Two small sesamoid bones are often present at the posterior part of the
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Esq., Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and Dr. A. Ransome, Bowden, Cheshire.
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Adam: "i. That it is expedient that lecturers in this medical school
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larged lymphatic glands adhering to the walls of the intestine. In-
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The Laws of Vital Force, in Health and Disease. By E. Haughton, A.B., M.D.,
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of the walls of the cyst. These methods are insufficient. Cure can
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been held ; at all of which they have had the advantage of his presence.
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able latitude. Lord Penzance sometimes finds so much difficulty in
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1 866... 75. In conjunction with his nephew, Mr. James C. Copland,
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interrupted. On auscultating the lung the respiratory murmur is
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Autopsy Twenty'six Hours after Di'iith.- — There was intense engorge-
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rapid and painful, inspiration being slow and prolonged, expiration
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same degree as the off, but both still responded to stimuh, such as the
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same department. Messrs. Ilopkin and Williams have an excellent
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"/'j''^''^' '""^ ^''^^ resolution be embodied in a memorial to be for-
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porarily, often permanently. For some time I hesitated to trust to this
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W. H. C. Tessier, M.D. Remarks upon an Epidemic of Intermit-
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patches of varying extent and thickness; all were dense, firm, and
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being insisted on as an important point in diagnosing between
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a day, ordinary diet, beef-tea and arrowroot, and three ounces of port
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pointments, and that the highest honours of our Sovereign have been
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while remaining regular, was sometimes extremely rapid, and suggested
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sleep, which lasted ten hours. She awoke hungry, and had beef-tea,
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a few years ago from a patient who died from various injuries. The spine
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Chart I. — The dark vertical lines indicate the time at which quinine was given.
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the thigh, and said that there was a sharp stinging pain confined to the
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sound. 6 a.m. -* " Smooth systolic murmur slightly audible at
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belief in their extreme raiity than from knowledge of their pathological
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the horse was exercised daily. When he left hospital at the beginning
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membrane. To avoid the inconvenience of repeating "integument," etc., at frequent interval.";,
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and blooming health, which is the Pearl of Great Price. When well, I directed
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tissue. I cannot help thinking that this error often leads to bad prac-
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3.— It explains each question thoroughly both from a scientiilc as well
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examined. No foreign body could be detected. Taxis was employed,
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It remained standing for a few seconds, the hind limbs being
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country will not now be behind in affording that relief which will, so
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may be, better work, more simple and more to the purpose, remains
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point chosen ; the middle region showed hepatised areas, purulent
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an able practical paper by Esmarch on this subject, and for a time the

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