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his anus, and many metres of which were coiled on the floor I
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his bed. Dr. Cooper considers the collodion indispensa-
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or absence of development. The two conditions might
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occurred. The patient was a strong man, forty years of age, to
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treatment and the result would have been lar different. The
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like membrane formed of albumen is added; still further
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3. The insertion of the placenta (which was divided into three lobes)
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exi^erience, that a larger proportion have recovered
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during the whole of the ventricular systole ; the shock caused by
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and anxiety. It was not until 1 saw the passage of the evacuations myself, that
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oil being an analeptic tonic of a superior kind ; that is to say, that
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in the urine, but they ohtaineil proof of its presence there
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