Famciclovir Dosage

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attendants has unfortunately died of the disease. Typhus has been rare,

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Sunday" has been won, and we are now an.\Jously looking forward to

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house ; the patients had every comfort, and were well attended to.

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of their various preparations, and also of their principal adulterations.

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Dr. a. D. D.\vidson has been appointed Ophthalmic Surgeon to

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agent which should be most active in arresting the development of the

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entered in the Medical Students' Register at least four years previously.

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leaving the upper and the lower portions of the cornea perfectly trans-

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Daniell's elements were used, and one needle inserted. These were

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deal of discussion, Mr. Durham withdrew liis amendment, when Dr.

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speedy establishment of a Conjoint Board of Examiners from the three

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neighbourhood, on reasonable terms. — Senior, Middle, and Junior Ex-

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attained since the year 1S61. At the close of the year, it was still on

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The Annual Subscriptions to the British Medical Associa-

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have to do with artery-disease, with diabetes, with kidney-disease, and

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a slip of the pen at page iSi, Shakespeare and Ben Jonson are stated

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College, 1.30 p.m.— Charing Cross, i p.m. — Lock (Clinical Demon-

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gical education, but a good general education to begin with ; and

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stopped, not by any difficulties abroad, but by difficulties created at our

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granulations, he transplanted a piece of skin of the size of a threepenny-

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his Report, already awarded a just tribute of praise to the lady-nurses,

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tions with respect to their seats in the Court of Examiners, it was

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ling was sorry the discussion had not been confined to the curve of

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paper on a few interesting Surgical Cases. — 7. Dr. Wilson will show

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is a larger quantity of phosphoric acid and of oxide of iron in it than

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they complain with justice that their individual efforts are in no small

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