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sion and systematic dilatation, A8Ch, M. •!., 039; recurrenr. naso-

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of reflexes become habitual and operate automatically. Thus a

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mon cause of sudden death in rheumatic fever, (e) Pleurisy and

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disease it is clearly our duty to state the above facts to the patient,

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The following notice reached us too late for the December number.

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gain in weight after four treatments, but no immediate further improvement

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more profitable to science than is generally supposed. We resolved,

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ton Barracks. D. C. S. O. 122, A. G. O., May 27, 1887.

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the great toe has been more seriouslv affected than the others, and

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University in 1867. After his graduation he proceeded to

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Lander Creek, August 29, 1894 (No. 1117); Cummins, July 30,

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was 0.163, with a blood urea nitrogen of 12 mg., and one month later

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it, together with variations of atmospheric temperature, were the

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is acceptable to the practical sui'geon . My colleague, Mr. Porter

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Hunter; but he used to tell his pupils not to refer to

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just indicated, for the enterprise will surely redound to the honor

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and offal generally ; all these should be placed in air-tight

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[Februaiy 14, 1882. — The patient is without fever;

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culosis, " it should always be borne in mind that while the discovery

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planus on the whole of the trunk, upper part of thighs, backs of hands

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Fig. 147. — Fractxire with dislocation before reduction.

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nia, the protrusion being covered with the peritoneum only. At

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The castrated horse no longer evinces the superiorities of his mas-

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ceptions to this rule, are given in reports wanting in sufficient detail for estab-

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laterally like the insects of the family Pulicidae (fleas), in order to

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had learned how to inflict incised, stab, and punctured wounds.

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in the animal body. He illustrates this by typhoid fever. The

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a study of these defwjts is an important aid to diagnosis and prognosis.

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In fevers flie flill deprives us of our appetite for

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The characters of this structure are so distinctive that its

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