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Pole Creek, June 2, 1894 (No. 96). Observed in many other
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tubercles, were unattended with any traces of inflammation. In all
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treatment has grown out of the germ theory concerning the disease,
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different ages. The oldest one had been isolated by one of us early
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Downey, of Gainesville, Ga., has thought out a device which involves
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frym a bushel % a bushel and a half, I made the first
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cedures, 23-hour observation unit. Daytime hours. Nine
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the intima. In a few instances the innermost lamellae of the media are
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in the same place up to the time of his death. His marked pro-
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that are adulterated, as this would require too much time and
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of the heart and fibres of the vagus, producing a speedy paralysis of the
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The nitrogenous substances, or albuminates, or plastic constituents
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output that is compatible with health. This is ascertained by allowing a
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Western Union, 0. Cases carried over from last nwnth, 642; bed cases,
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there is, as pointed out by Prof. MTadyean, a kind of superficial
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preference, kept ice-cold and given patient at will. It is very

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