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effect has not been elucidated clearly, cyproheptadine ap-
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(rubeolar), with disturbance of the tension from nasal catarrh.
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when practicable, and negative results should not be taken into
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strong, from childhood to old age, and yet it is rare
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tablished that flies by sucking the blood of diseased
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appreciation of the accurate and well-sifted opinion
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1895, and afterwards served on the house staff in St. Catharine's
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by passing through two lenses of rock crystal, a substance which
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Testimonials with comparative analysis mailed on application.
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in persons disposed to strangury, the blistering ointment, before
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method) on urines of pregnant women in which he had obtained posi-
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mechanism ; it presides over the equilibrium of repose in the same way as the former
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means to excite symptoms of irritation, such as restlessness, ver-
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Wm. Canniff, Toronto; Bray, Chatham ; Sweetland and Church,
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of this curability, it has been assumed that the peri-
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to another, in quick succession, only bewilders and distracts him. The
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Oct. 5. — When the wound was dressed it was found that a number
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I. Principles. Effects of water on soil and crops, and
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occasionally painful contractions of the flexor muscles of both thighs occurred.
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With the loss of strength there is a disinclination to phys-
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while Piofessor Jacobson had had no success with a specimen
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County tuberculosis survey. Minnesota Med., 24:145, 1941.
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than it is likely to be, we do not believe that any results will be
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Found plaintiff in a good deal of pain. Started back for defend-
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nitrogen as the mere mechanical diluent of oxygen in the
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had in harbour, the general tendency to scurvy has disappeared.
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the operator is disgraced and injured without his fault. Therefore, when
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prepared by a special process that makes the Abbott pro-
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does such a condition exist. In the middle ear pathological conditions are
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and was quite well. Later she left Montreal and went to Owen Sound,
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For the first-named purpose a tube about five feet long is re-
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Feb. 17. Chill returned, having skipped over one day; ordered hy-
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no uniformity was found. No curve was demonstrated as typical of

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