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etc., etc., thus invading the home of each vital organ (it being

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ture of ' per chloride of iron (F. 392), or with quinine, fyc.

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Cinchona is supposed to be the chief cause of its remarkable

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who, collectively, are in official position to control this traffic.

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common duct, combined with the slight atrophy inevitable to deprivation of the

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where a hospital was founded by Mary of Gueldres, following on a Bull of

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temperatures ranged between 96.6° and 98.3° ; ("2) marked

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resumed, and the patient's health was steadily improved. The

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ting either to their growth, or their maintenance. Thus

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demonstrated by Dr. Gaskell many years ago, and illustrated by their action

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When he entered the hospital, we searched very carefully into

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followed by a paroxysm of dyspnosa. The act of speaking seems

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He had been sick, much of the time in bed, for two or

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perspired, but that on the perspiration being checked he felt

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He has earned eacli month of his active service his right to collect $135.04^

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finger, weakness of the thumb muscles, a coldness of the extremity.

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i'^r^.— -Gunshot wounds made by conical rifie-balls, and

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object should be to place the patient in the best possible condition as regards

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in itself be so mischievous a practice as opium-eating or morphine injec-

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losses, usually due to ignorance or neglect of proper precautionary

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article on the unsuspecting public. ‘Be not Deceived."'

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disease whatever, at the termination of the first two or three deep inspir-

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seemed inevitable, yet nothing occurred to mar the general

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ings, and, the talk of the agricultural press is useful mainly in

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appetite, sleep, and action of the skin followed. Throughout their pyrexia, all

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practical. ... So far as we know and believe, it is

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Previous health ? Previous attack of same disease ? .

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is well, on the next and two following days he should

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