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line their own pockets with fees for repairing the damages
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showing the homoeopathic applicability of any remedy, are respectfully urged to
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their treatment more difficult, this being contrary to what
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throat in the evening (Hahnemann) ; burning and soreness of
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diarrhea. We must then try another preparation or diminish the dose. It is
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thy is shown, theoretically and practically, to rest on solid foun-
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almost immediate. It was largely due to his exertions that the medical
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thumb." This apparatus, embodying new principles, marks an epoch
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ilar character, but occurring in a professional flute-player.
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Amtrican Journal of ObsUtricf (May, 1884'); "A Case of
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pain anywhere ; but she had no power to stand or walk without
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to these symptoms, erratic pains in the legs, through the chest,
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tarian a bullet that goes through several men when fired
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"Ah, the poor babies ! " Dr. Leven might have added. Public
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gouge or perforated. At i centimetre above its base the
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and Walter Clarke. On the maternal side he traces his
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in the Medical College, which position he holds at the
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mentioned as the bruit de (liable. Examination of the heart often shows a
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foreign correspondent for several medical journals in America during
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being sensitive to touch, and the pupils responding to light. The
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presented several interesting papers on the subject, " Convul-
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by what Oscar Wilde calls " the canker-worm of truth," that it
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ber of the Royal College of Surgeons, Fellow of the Royal Society
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member of the International Association of Obstetrics and
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Brewer's grandfather, on his paternal side, was Ebenezer Brewer, of

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