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five Miscellaneous and Surgical Papers. One large volume, imperial 8vo., with 252 figures, on
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The skin, cellular membrane, and fasciae were abraded
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private reminiscences we would fain spare others from ex-
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is a gradual progressive increase of Sa-Av conduction until failure of
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Antyllus, fails often to effect a cure, because the disease of the
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vented as far as possible. Bacteria are also eliminated from the circulation
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work in first aid. Statistics indicate that those who re-
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intestinal tract with wart-like excrescences on the colon and
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which finally break ; and by the increase in the number of leucocytes.
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moval of suppurating ovarian cysts, he said cases occurred in which it vas
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Steinberg, Charles. Associate Professor of Clinical
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the last time, during forced expiration, -n-ith the
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Frobleni o\' Puial Lite. ' bv (u'orge ^^^ Russell. There
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strength of i in 750, which had been proved capable of killing plague-
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organs (Loudon) 433 ; measles 195, whooping-cough 83, scarlet
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There are many infectious diseases acquired immunity from which cannot
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ment, and I much regret that during the period of their incidence it did
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recognised ability in sifting the grain from the chaff render the
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fidule, straight muscle, two-headed flexor muscle, small pectoral muscle,
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that if physicians would write their prescriptions in the
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sulphuric acid for an hour, neutralizing S every possible and probable advantage to
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Employ general anesthesia, cleanse and dilate the anus. The
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willing to accept his dictum that all rS^les have their origin
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as to whether or no the bacteriotropic substances produced in response
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future and the wide-spread effect the next four years would

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