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for ten years. Had delirium tremens five months ago, since

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surface of the uterus, which tends powerfully to make it

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tack she had gone to an ice cream festival operated upon, as a few of these cases will

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The spongy portion of the urethra is that which extends from

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lines usually arranged in curves and circles. These, so far as

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tion of Purified Petroleum, a medicament that is rapidly attaining

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urea excreted. vation, not for the garnering of the wisdom

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yellow fever, will be not often less than twenty -four hours, and

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apoplectic form. The animals appear as if suddenly stricken

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eating rats. He made a careful investigation of this subject

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Second. That not only no such poisonous action as is said by

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culture in from i6 to 24 hours to those which require from 3

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graine, etc. The author emphasizes that tation. Dr. Henry Beates, Jr., of Philadel-

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effects of the phosphorus, might be avoided ; and in the event of

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tories and at the same time so attenuating injuries are attributable to recent inventions

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There are many facts which seem to show that even aged

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etc. It was, however, possible to find and position in the feces — each egg devel-

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the central part of the nodule and prevent its further growth

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modification it may assume, namely, the pain, cough, and expecto-

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urispas pi

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