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and (3) general hos])itals to take care of every other tyjie of disease and

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factory, both as regards the cure of the condition and the com-

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antisepsis by means of the actinic rays. For anesthesia the

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the male admissions number 200, and the female only 100, the

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For the best methods of restraining the animal while operating, I

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should the tails of the seton be drawn taught and so tied, it will press

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we must not lose sight of the fact that these are the results of vital activities.

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that, when the medicine is discontinued, the tendency to costive-

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have, as is claimed, four merits: first, as great milk pro-

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course, in the addition of chapters on chorea and the various forms of paralysis.

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tincture of iodine and a 5-per-cent solution of carbolic acid. From

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days; others think the} 7 should slough off; it is simply to prevent hem-

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patient suffered greatly from her back, and fearing

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Ugaments, the chordae vocales, and through them, vnth a good light, the inner surface of the

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mesenteric glands being the only seat of tubercle in a milk-fed

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thumbs was noted. This was followed within the next 3 days

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krankhciten, which is no longer in existence. Next in order in

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lie died in the midst of his usefulness, he is uniformly referred

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â– which the nerve-supply was not extensively interfered with, it was often

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tender, the ankle is somewhat stiffened by the contraction of the skin, etc.,

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pertrophy, and a loud rasping systolic murmur, most

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1st. It contains 52 per cent, of pure Cod Liver Oil combined with Condensed

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who had breathed it at an exhibition in London, drew

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Useful Formula for Fermentative Dyspepsia ....... 164

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