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that this lesion results. After an interval varying from a quarter of an hour
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force, four cases ; embryotomy, one case. The mortality in the thirty-
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vation of the temperature. At first there is an abundant
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the tracheae suffocates the larvse ;* the same results from
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ate in manner. Whatever the duties, let love be kept bright. Enkindle
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whose stones are iron, and out of whose hills thou mayest
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generally, clothe adaptedly, ventilate thoroughly, seek
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The second case was one of neuritis of alcoholic origin, the peculiarity
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well kno^n that the flaves of Angola ftrangle thern-
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for this to form, and it will discharge in a week or ten days. Colts
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cow. I have frequently been called to an animal and found that
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colored servants. Two of the sons had been employed in
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ment probably consists in the excessive functional activity
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method of managing the umbilical stump : now I will try to
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They are too often those third-rate men, who, in practical

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