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character, and unceasingly cherish sweet memories of their departed
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probable that anthrax in the three forms now recognised has afflicted
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of meeting, at leas) one daj before the sitting of the Convention.
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In mitral disease, however, the tendency is to assist,
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Treatment of Rheumatism; with statistical results of twenty-five case*
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ening the canal by pulling the ear upward and backward and
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In thus reaching out for new readers the JOURNAL will change
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take the army horse in India he is liable to unhealthy sores
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there were no longer any rales in the summits of the lungs. The pa-
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dirty, pasty appearance, Sulphite of Soda should be given in
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congested; and in almost one -half the cases we are led
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that time on account of an investigation of an outbreak of rabies in
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war, so the reader will readily perceive what this means when it is
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Among modern authors who have increased our knowledge of intracranial
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of its attack on the dead tissues give rise to degradation products
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but as they do present themselves, they are quite sufficient to make
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its more prominal joints, and during the movement his finger deviates
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Contact: Continuing Education, California Pacific Medical Center, PO Box
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Dr. Bliss, the senior member of the firm, promises to write us soon
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any of our readers be called upon to treat a case of the latter kind,
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crease in the number of yellow dots seen by the naked eye; each yel-
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himcolin creem
medical examinations and industrial hygiene. The field of opportunity
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Psychopathology. This area of study is now taught as part of the neuroscience module of the
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Dit. 0. Wktb presented br title the "Report of a Case
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the ear or on the body. In the one case the pain is
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Lauderdale, the int^gent House Surgeon, had noticed
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fame, reputation or money and one thinks in thus mar-

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