Advantage Of Himcolin Gel

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a state of semi-contraction, and that by paralyzing the vaso-motor nerves
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destroys the nerve effectually, and the collodion is used
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Surgeon-General Burrell's Report, 1894 : " I am con-
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secure quite enough, the edge of the nail should by
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Hospital. A.B. 1955, Fordham University; M.D. 1959,
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bright red colour and acquires a dirty black appear-
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deaf. There were, in all, one hundred and six ears examined, of which eighty-
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the surgical circles of New York, where, as the trusted
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Marbeau founded the first creche in Paris, in 184-1.
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Cornell University Medical College, a leader in de-
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bearer either to the benefits of our Floating Hospital,
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likely to induce an undue flow of fluid into the vitreous
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spinal fluid, (2) blood culture, (3) petechial hemorrhagic
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tubercle bacilli : it is in that manner that we can explain
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change on occasion. Check with the sponsoring institution.
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only a continuation of the former, and covers the internal por-
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A female physician, Dr. Rena Mastio, has been appointed
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far as I know, the first instance of subcutaneous in-
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Dr. W. G. Russell, who had been appointed by the Executive Com-
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leucocyte infiltration, revealing a condition of irritation ; (2 ) swelling, vacuolation ,
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under the skin, into the veins, and by rectum. .Several
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Mrs H. W., aged 38, was admitted suffering from chronic
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brought into contact with an open surface I; the two flaps of an amputation. I close it
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increases the intervals of the iron to four or five hours. He also
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that there is no chronic maxillar}^ sinusitis without a thickening, more
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non-union of a fractured navicular bone, (b) A large bone graft in good position within the navicular bone,
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something like an apology for this, explaining that, for clinical

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