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The Committee to whom was referred the subject of secret
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memorable experiments of Claude Bernard upon Animal
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dence that there was in 1895 a greater tendency to complications than in
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is approximately constant, so that the concentration in the blood which
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merly used, he made a steady and uninterrupted recovery, and with
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"The Indian Medico-chirurgical Review." Edited by N. H. Choksy. Bombay and
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is late at night the master-at-arms on duty receives, signs for, and
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after extension of the incision with a blunt-pointed bistoury, the finger is passed
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said, that chlorine does not irritate the gastro-intesti-
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obtaining medical aid gratis do not belong to the necessitous poor for whom
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proportion as 0"06 per cent may have the same effect. Besides its
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this class of patients succumb to this disease. They de-
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During the same month, I saw a patient living in one of the
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be of universal distribution. But experience teaches
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^Lucretius, De Rerum Natura, ii, 6o8ff. Translation by Glover.
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parts surrounding the affected joint. In addition also to the
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disease, to correlate the vast stores of knowledge, that they may
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relief where needed without constantly being harassed by a committee
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Fiat mistura. Signa. Give a teaspoonful to a child every
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leg becomes hard, take about one quart of blood from the
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out the association of the paroxysm with the segmentation of a group
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bers of the association are known as Fellows, Correspond-
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A powerful air purifier, but not a consumer of oxygen.
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comprise from 33-90% of the red corpuscles; but may be few dur-
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Sweeney, William J., III. Clinical Professor of Obstetrics
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he states tliat \\v, cpidcinic of plamu* is pniccdecl by
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certain kinds of delirium, and in the latter stages ot enteric
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is not mechanically interfered with, (h) in some ulcers at the
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with benefit. In fact, the cardinal principle in the treatment of
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as a cause in 1,357 cases — 1,223 men, 134 women — making a
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• [ntandad to bs bfOUg&l baAn the Convention, but having been omitted by accident, it i-
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it is probably of a neuralgic nature, but in others is due to an inflamma-
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verified in a crowd of cases. . . . On the other hand, the
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preference given to the shallow pretender, are the least of these,
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