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perused any great part of the evidence taken by the Opium Commission
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A tumor sometimes forms on the lip; at first it is firm and
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Ag^in, in the way of suggestion, I can see no good rea-
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terrupted. She was kept in bed for three weeks, and
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1870-71, quoted by Dr. Chenu, 35 the actual cautery did not in
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in two cases for four years ; in one case for two years and three
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mously swoll<-n nerve fibres, staining honuigeneotisly
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three inches above the natural level. The extravasation
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ing. In such a case the external rectus muscle must
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sive odour and taste. As compared with chloral, paralde-
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When I began study in the Yale Medical School in the fall
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obtained from single colonies, and were planted in various media.
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by my five patients are to be described it is evident that all presented
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School of Lyon, with others, the author relates how, after the
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consider it advisable not to persist with the treatment. This case
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to him also that ozone might be useful by inhalation in
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The fungus has been found in nature on various plants, and, it is
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repetition of this subject is unavoidable. As the successful
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Vermem latum adhuc vivum £5? plures lumbricos teretes :
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Dr. J. Marion Sims, now of New York, and late of Alabama, one of
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origin of symptoms and the causes of death. Only pathogenic bacteria are
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of tlie asylum, and the serious injury of one of the
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course, in the addition of chapters on chorea and the various forms of paralysis.
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modic pain of the arm ; in both cases the pain was intense, and
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upon the winds and conditions of habitation. After a
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sel contained a gaseous or exceedingly tenuous fluid.
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In both the above cases the most rigorous system should
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and upholstered in kather. On this I place a small -
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mental conditions, unipolar cells may transfonn themselves into
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of the intestinal secretions, and causing an expulsion of the
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meeting in Washington, D. C, in 1893, throws again its forelight into
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The study of a series of acute infections, chiefly of a surgical nature,
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administer this condiment is in the form of rock-salt placed
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being secreted three to four hours after a meal, food exer-
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cure the itch on horses and cattle. It is, also, a sure cure when
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and tie' general symptomatology of its diseases, and

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